Chapter 219 - Just Give Up

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Fu Wenze stayed quiet. After finishing their food, they returned to the set.

Song Ci said goodbye and headed to the gym with Yang Haoran.

Fu Wenze could not hide his annoyance and ended up frowning.

Song Ci saw his reaction. She muttered in a confused tone, “Brother Yang, he seems to be angry again. What’s wrong?”

Yang Haoran could not figure it out either.

“I don’t know. We’ve already treated him to dinner. It should make up for what happened this afternoon, right? Was it because I’ve eaten too much? That can’t be…”

When Song Ci heard that, she looked at Yang Haoran’s chubby appearance and laughed. He had eaten an entire stew pot and two chicken drumsticks!

However, when Song Ci thought of Fu Wenze again, she let out a sigh.

“He’s such a difficult person to understand.”

“As long as he doesn’t hate you and cause trouble, it’ll be fine. We don’t need to worship him!”

Yang Haoran thought what they had done was sufficient. How else could they please someone who would never be satisfied?

Song Ci nodded. She was thirty years younger than Fu Wenze. Having nothing in common to talk about was only natural. Not much could be done. Hence, she happily went to the gym with Yang Haoran for a run.

Chu Yi was on the treadmill. Upon seeing Song Ci, he slowed down.

Since Song Ci and Yang Haoran had just eaten, exercising immediately would not be wise. Thus, Chu Yi let them rest for a while.

Song Ci stood by the side and drank some water. Then, she asked, “Was Uncle Fu unhappy with other crew members today?”

Yang Haoran was also curious.

“Is he acting up again?”

Chu Yi thought for a moment and answered, “I haven’t been around him much, so I’m not sure.”

Song Ci could only nod again. Fu Wenze did not even recognize Chu Yi. They were obviously not close.

‘Fu Wenze probably just has a temperamental personality.’

That thought reminded Song Ci of another man at home. She said to Chu Yi, “I’m going to make a phone call. You and Brother Yang can start exercising first.”

Song Ci went to the lounge and had a sweet moment with Lu Gan.

Chu Yi smiled faintly while looking at Song Ci’s back.

‘It’s a good thing that Fu Wenze got angry. This way, he’ll give up on her.’

Chu Yi felt like he could sleep peacefully tonight.

Song Ci spent about half an hour with Lu Gan before starting to work out. Another thirty minutes later, she showered and prepared for the late-night filming.

It lasted for some time. Fu Wenze was old and could barely keep up. He felt sleepy.

Song Ci walked towards Fu Wenze. Her hair was tied into a high ponytail. She was wearing a hoodie with purplish white edges, black fitting pants, and white sports shoes. Since it was cold, she pulled the hoodie over her head. Only her big and bright eyes could clearly be seen. She looked very pure and beautiful.

Fu Wenze was really fond of Song Ci. He wanted to give her more opportunities.

Once the scene was done, Yang Haoran brought over some extra clothes for Song Ci. They were about to leave when Fu Wenze called out to them. He had a gentle and amiable expression on his face.

“You acted well today.”

Song Ci replied politely, “Thank you, Uncle Fu.”

Yang Haoran touched his belly and stayed silent.

Fu Wenze did not beat around the bush. He said directly, “In the entertainment industry, appearance and talent are equally important. Training and gaining muscles won’t benefit you! As a senior, I don’t want you to waste your potential. Stop wasting your time on unnecessary things!”