Chapter 220 - Funny “Care”

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Song Ci was a little surprised. She did not expect Fu Wenze to say such things. It was not as if she wanted to be a fitness trainer. Were women not allowed to work out? Why did they have to stay weak? Being able to protect oneself was important!

After thinking for a while, Song Ci looked at Fu Wenze and explained gently, “It’s not a waste of time. I like exercising! Besides, my character has a good physique. He Lian Er had been protecting her sister since she was young. Thus, training is reasonable. Uncle Fu, I appreciate your kindness and advice but it doesn’t apply to this context. If my character was a weak patient, then I wouldn’t be so active.”

Not only was Song Ci unwilling to give up, but she even retorted!

Fu Wenze frowned again. He was clearly dissatisfied and frustrated.

Song Ci smiled and continued, “It’s getting late. I’ll be leaving first. Uncle Fu, you should also go back and rest. See you tomorrow.”

Then, she left with Yang Haoran.

Once they arrived at Song Ci’s resting area, Yang Haoran said, “What was he implying? Isn’t that old man being too arrogant? He’s even trying to interfere with others’ lifestyles. Does he think everyone has to agree with him?”

Song Ci shrugged. She was actually puzzled.

“Who knows? Maybe he just loves to worry?”

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“It’s too much. I finally understand why he’s angry today. How ridiculous.”

Song Ci felt helpless. She did not know what that old man was thinking.

“No wonder he told me to stop you from exercising. He said it doesn’t suit your image. His company probably has too much control over their artists.”

“I thought he was worried that you’ll be injured. Clearly, that’s not the case.”

Song Ci felt even more helpless. Fu Wenze was really a self-centered person. Everything had to be his way or the highway. She did not know where his confidence came from, but he was trying to control her. Was this supposed to be some sort of preferential treatment?

Anyway, Song Ci simply smiled and shook her head.Subsequently, she told Lu Gan what happened.

“Isn’t it funny? He tried to control me. I’m baffled.”

Lu Gan did not find it funny at all. The entertainment industry could be risky and he knew that.

Suddenly, Chu Yi appeared and suggested that Song Ci should start exercising.

Lu Gan heard everything and began to speculate.

‘Fu Wenze is fond of Song Ci and doesn’t like her exercising. He even complimented Song Ci’s acting skills and was very caring towards her. Song Ci mentioned that Fu Wenze was very perfunctory towards Lin Ting and the rest. Even the director could tell. Luckily, the crew members were kind and positive people. Otherwise, Song Ci would be isolated and bullied due to jealousy.’

Lu Gan lowered his eyes. Chu Yi should have been aware of what was happening. Yet, he encouraged Song Ci to exercise nonchalantly. Something was fishy. Hence, he asked, “Is Chu Yi acquainted with Fu Wenze?”

Song Ci replied, “Chu Yi knows him, but not vice versa. He was an extra in one of the movies Fu Wenze starred in.”