Chapter 221 - Father and Son

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Lu Gan thought it was interesting. Fu Wenze did not recognize Chu Yi, but the latter clearly remembered his likes and dislikes. It was odd.

“Why are you asking such a question?”

Song Ci was puzzled. After thinking for a while, she also realized that something was amiss. She continued, “Do you think Chu Yi has something to do with Fu Wenze? Specifically, this situation that involves me?”

Even in the real world, Song Ci was an actress. She had been in the entertainment industry for many years and was not ignorant of the unspoken rules. Moreover, she was not a fool. Since Lu Gan asked such a question, something was definitely not right.

Song Ci asked directly, “Is Chu Yi trying to train me at this time on purpose?”

“Why don’t you ask him? After all, you want to sign a contract with him, right? His response could determine the outcome. Of course, I’ll look into this matter as well.”

“Alright, I’ll do that tomorrow. If this matter isn’t settled, I’ll feel uneasy.”

The video call ended.

Song Ci wanted to trust Chu Yi. She hoped that he was genuinely trying to help her. Putting Chu Yi’s future aside, Song Ci really saw her past self in him.

‘I hope he doesn’t have any ulterior motives…’

When Song Ci reminisced about Chu Yi’s bright smile, she could not bring herself to doubt him. She truly viewed him as an honest and magnanimous person.

‘He won’t betray my trust, right?’

Meanwhile, Lu Gan asked Yang Haoran to send him a copy of Chu Yi’s information. Yang Haoran asked his assistant to investigate Chu Yi and Fu Wenze’s connection, especially the year they were filming together.

“Yes, CEO Lu. Oh, there’s one more thing!”

The assistant brought out some information that he had just found.

“Apparently, there’s a very complicated transaction record on your father’s side.”

Lu Gan’s expression darkened,

The assistant said, “At first, nothing seems wrong with this transaction. However, after digging deeper, it was actually a chain transaction that went through many people. Your father initiated it.”

Lu Gan asked, “Who’s the recipient?”

“A human resources director of a private company. I’ve checked and his family probably doesn’t know your father. At the moment, they don’t have any connection.”

Lu Gan said in a deep voice, “Keep investigating. There are likely to be more transactions! I want to know the identity of the recipient. Clearly, they’re trying to hide that…”

The assistant nodded.

“How’s the company doing recently?”

The assistant replied, “Lu Jie didn’t make too many personnel changes. For now, everything is as usual and very stable.”

Lu Gan could guess this much. Lu Jie might not be the brightest tool in the shed, but he would not make drastic changes so soon. Otherwise, it would be too obvious and intolerable.

Lu Jie was not Lu Hongyong’s son. If he revealed his ambitions immediately, Lu Hongyong would retaliate and put a stop to it. Hence, Lu Jie had to be patient. One year should be enough for things to stabilize. Only then could Lu Jie execute his plans bit by bit.

Unfortunately for Lu Jie, that day would never arrive. He was only Lu Hongyong’s pawn. Lu Hongyong had never thought of handing the company to him.

Lu Gan thought to himself, ‘My father has always been hiding something from me… Two can play that game. How ironic… He’s supposed to be the closest person to me in this world. Blood is thicker than water, right? Pfft…’

He raised his head and looked at the night sky. The new year was approaching. This year was destined to be unforgettable.