Chapter 304 - Good Test Scores

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Chapter 304: Good Test Scores

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Song Ci understood Guo Ruo’s concerns.

“Little Suo is his friend.”

Guo Ruo said softly, “That’s not enough.”

“Regarding this matter, I think it’s best to just leave it. After all, there’s no negative impact. Forcing things on Song Yujin will only make him unhappy.”

Guo Ruo could only comply.

“Alright. Then there’s no problem. They’re both very smart and obedient children.”

“Is anyone bullying them?”

“No. They’re actually quite popular.”

Song Ci nodded again. Since there were no problems, she left.

Lu Gan was still waiting outside.

When Song Ci got into the car, she smiled.

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“Would you like to guess what place Yujin got in the exam?”

Lu Gan did not even need to think.

Song Ci said proudly, “You’re right.”

“I can tell from your expression.”

Song Ci fell silent. She was really excessive when it came to Song Yujin.

After a while, she asked, “What about Little Suo?”

Lu Gan thought for a moment.

“Since you’re so happy, he shouldn’t be in last place. At the same time, I don’t think he placed that high. He’s still supposed to be a kindergartner.”

Song Ci whispered into Lu Gan’s ear, “He got the eighth place.”

“That isn’t too bad. He’s not in the top ten, but…”

Lu Gan suddenly came to a realization.

“Eighth place? Even eightieth is more believable!”

Song Ci was extremely proud.

“Our Little Suo is so smart.”

“Can you pinch my leg?”

“What? Do you think that you’re dreaming?”

“If what you’re saying is true, I should be able to stand up now.”

Song Ci laughed out loud.

“Lu Gan, you’re so cute.”

She moved closer to Lu Gan, smiled, and said, “Some of our wishes have already been fulfilled. The others will follow suit.”

The two children waited for Song Ci and Lu Gan’s return.

Lu Suo sat on the sofa and occasionally glanced outside. He could not help but ask, “Why aren’t they back yet?”

Song Yujin shook his head.

“I don’t know. Do parent-teacher conferences usually last this long?”

After waiting for a long time, the couple finally returned.

Lu Suo immediately ran toward the front door.

“Daddy, welcome home!”

Song Ci carried Lu Suo and kissed him.

“Little Suo, you did well in the final exam.”

In reality, Lu Suo was not surprised at all. The final exam was nothing to him.

Song Ci poked Lu Suo’s face.

“You don’t even like studying, so how did you do so well?”

Lu Suo hooked his arm around Song Ci’s neck and acted coquettishly.

“My little uncle taught me everything.”

“What a clever little boy.”

Song Ci kissed Lu Suo on the cheek again.

Lu Suo smiled until his eyes curved up.

Upon seeing this scene, Lu Gan felt really grateful and happy. He looked at Lu Suo with particularly gentle eyes.

Song Ci carried Lu Suo to the sofa.

Meanwhile, Song Yujin did not budge. As always, he was calm and collected.

After placing Lu Suo on the sofa, Song Ci stared at Song Yujin.