Pit Stop: Baby! (Crescent Cove 4)

author:Taryn Quinn Genre:romance|adult|newadult|fiction Last update time:2022/8/1 14:27:58

We had the hottest hookup ever. And now, she’s having my baby. I’m a carefree single guy. A successful race car driver who enjoys hitting the track—hard. I don’t do commitments. Hell, I rarely even do repeats. Until I spent the night with a gorgeous, funny woman who rocked my world. No names. No identifying details. Just lots and lots of pleasure. Until we meet up again at my older brother’s wedding. And guess what, she’s my brand new sister-in-law, Rylee Ford. And apparently, now she hates me. Oh, and she’s also pregnant. Surprise, I’m the daddy. I’m so screwed.