• The Necromancer’s Bride

    The Necromancer’s Bride

    When I was a child he brought me back from the brink of death. Since that day I have borne his mark, a black star in the center of my left palm. The villagers say it brands me as evil. I think it means something far worse. It marks me as his. The disease that nearly killed me has returned to the village and children are dying. I’m the only


    Time:2022/8/10 15:12:21

  • Unwrapped


    With no family to help celebrate the holiday season, Delaney threw herself into her work, knowing that falling behind would do nothing but give the upper hand to a man she loathed.?And desired.?Ivan was wealthy, arrogant, had been born with a silver spoon shoved right in his … mouth.? Delaney was the opposite.?She’d had to work for


    Time:2022/8/10 15:09:38

  • Skin Tight (Skin Deep #4)

    Skin Tight (Skin Deep #4)

    Who would have thought that she’d ever have to thank her brother (and the drunken ogre who didn’t know when to sit down and shut up, of course) for literally dropping her into the arms of the man of her dreams? Not Leah, that’s for sure. But now she’s had to thank Calland a thousand times over for taking her and Chloe wit


    Time:2022/8/10 15:07:21

  • Green Beret Bodyguard

    Green Beret Bodyguard

    He may have lost his memory, but not his mercenary skills. And once Jack Coburn learned his real name, he sought out the woman who could help him piece together the rest of his past. Lola Famosa had hired the green beret months ago to find her missing brother. And that mission had nearly cost him his life. But locating the lovely doctor presente


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  • Skin to Skin (Skin Deep #3)

    Skin to Skin (Skin Deep #3)

    “I kissed Brandon.” Three little words. One drunken night. And everything changed. Starting over is never easy to do, and Chloe made it that much harder on herself when she lip-locked Brandon. Guilt-ridden, she confesses to Allie about the kiss. Instead of the black eye she figured was coming, she gets way more than she bargained fo


    Time:2022/8/10 15:04:11

  • His Hostage

    His Hostage

    Jules is running from her old life and the man who wants to lock her up and abuse her. She’s finally escaped, but she’s run right into another mountain of trouble. She agrees to do one last job for her new boss and then she’s out. But once again she’s caught in the middle when she’s taken hostage by a hot stranger na


    Time:2022/8/10 15:02:56

  • Tempted (Bad Girls)

    Tempted (Bad Girls)

    PLEASE BE ADVISED This book is a reproduction of the previously published story The Temptress. Bad Girls Book 1 He thought he knew better, that there was no way he would fall for her beauty, but in the end, his resistance was no match for her persistence... She knew what she wanted and what she wanted most was to be loved by him


    Time:2022/8/10 15:01:23

  • Forever Winter

    Forever Winter

    When Winter agrees to go to a charity event to support her best friend, she never expects the night to change her life. She meets a brooding, sexy stranger who saves her from a creep, and they share an irresistible attraction. Winter allows herself to give in to temptation, but too soon all hell breaks loose when the fire alarm interrupts their r


    Time:2022/8/10 14:58:40

  • Stolen (Castile Family 3)

    Stolen (Castile Family 3)

    Savannah watched in disbelief as her two brothers fell under the spell of love. While she’s happy for them, she’s determined not to suffer the same fate. She’s young, wealthy, and wants to enjoy her freedom. But one brooding alpha is making love hard to resist. What's a girl to do? Answer: Run. Aaron never understood how m


    Time:2022/8/10 14:57:48

  • Reckless (Thoughtless 3)

    Reckless (Thoughtless 3)

    Can love survive when life gets Reckless? When the band hits it big, Kiera and Kellan must ask themselves: Can their love for each other survive the constant pressures of superstardom? The friendships they've formed, the new family they've found, and the history they've forged will all play a part in helping them navigate the turbule


    Time:2022/8/10 14:57:26