• Professor Daddy (Dark Daddies 5)

    Professor Daddy (Dark Daddies 5)

    Daddy’s going to open you like a good book. I can’t stop staring at my new professor. Gorgeous and brilliant, I can't pay attention in class. I'm too busy picturing him bending me over his desk. Jason Turner is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. When he wants me to join his group of special students, I can’t turn h


    Time:2022/8/24 11:19:16

  • President Daddy (Dark Daddies 4)

    President Daddy (Dark Daddies 4)

    He’ll make you feel great again. Adam Clark is the hottest President ever. He’s young, gorgeous, and incredibly talented. And I’m working directly under him. Every presentation I make, he’s giving me that look. You know the one. It screams, “I want you down on your knees, praising your country.” Since I’


    Time:2022/8/24 11:18:06

  • Coach Daddy (Dark Daddies 3)

    Coach Daddy (Dark Daddies 3)

    Coach Daddy always gets to score. Cole Wood is untouchable. He’s the head coach of a new NFL team, and everyone respects him. It’s easy to see why: he’s intense, handsome, and brilliant. I’m just a young physical trainer working my first job. I never expected him to call me into his office. He needs me to massage an old i


    Time:2022/8/24 11:16:58

  • Doctor Daddy (Dark Daddies 2)

    Doctor Daddy (Dark Daddies 2)

    Healing hands. Bad attitude. Aiden Hill is the best doctor in the region. But he’s a complete, total a-hole. I don’t care how gorgeous he is, he can’t talk to me that way. He has the bedside manner of a cocky frat boy. Except he’s saving my grandmother’s life. And his full body exams send shivers down my spine. Now


    Time:2022/8/24 11:15:50

  • Yes Daddy (Dark Daddies 1)

    Yes Daddy (Dark Daddies 1)

    Mason Ward always gets what he wants. Rich, handsome, charming. I should feel lucky to get hired as his new assistant. Except I’m the sixth girl in as many months… That’s just the first red flag. He loves to tease me, torture me. He laughs as he pushes all my buttons. He orders me to get down on my knees... Demanding, inte


    Time:2022/8/24 11:14:40

  • Falling into Exposure (Falling 2)

    Falling into Exposure (Falling 2)

    The second installment in the Falling Series. Gabriel Maddox: Victoria says she has to leave. But I need her to stay. She’s asleep. In my arms. And I’m holding her, stroking her, silently hating myself for what she’s turning me into. I never expected to feel this way about someone. I never expected that there was one thing t


    Time:2022/8/23 23:52:22

  • Falling into Temptation (Falling 1)

    Falling into Temptation (Falling 1)

    Victoria Colletti: Gabriel Maddox was dangerous. I knew it the moment I laid eyes on him. A wealthy playboy with a reputation that preceded him, you could hear it whispered from the tongues of every socialite in New York City. He was known to take pleasure in dominating those around him, and when I crashed into him on the street, he made it ver


    Time:2022/8/23 23:48:22

  • His Scarred Woman - Curvy Women Wanted

    His Scarred Woman - Curvy Women Wanted

    Petra Hall doesn’t trust easily. An attack five years ago left her badly injured with scars all over her face and causing the removal of one eye. She has locked herself away from the world in a fortress. All she ever requires is a bodyguard. Drake Dome is sexy, hot, caring, and at times a little overbearing. It’s a shame she knows the


    Time:2022/8/23 23:47:17

  • Pregnant by the Billionaire

    Pregnant by the Billionaire

    Elisa’s always wanted to be a published author. When her book is picked up by a prestigious publishing house, she’s over-the-moon with delight. But what she doesn’t bank on is clashing with the president of the company, Robert Cameron. Sure, Robert is handsome, charming, and to-die-for-gorgeous, but he also wants her to change h


    Time:2022/8/23 23:46:36

  • Never Letting Go - Passport 2 Love

    Never Letting Go - Passport 2 Love

    EASTON After too many tours overseas as a medic and then helping to make Nighthawk Security a successful firm has left me bone tired. I needed a break. I craved branching out and doing my own thing. I decided to take a vacation and reevaluate what I wanted. I decided to stay in a resort and make some plans. It was time to get my life in order.


    Time:2022/8/23 23:45:06