• The Skull Ruler (Skull 3)

    The Skull Ruler (Skull 3)

    Instead of handing me back to Lucian so Balto can get everything he wants, he keeps me. He pledges to fight for me until I'm free. But as the weeks pass, freedom isn't as appealing as it used to be. This place has become my home. This man is my home. I'm not sure if I'd ever want to leave...even if Lucian was dead.


    Time:2022/8/5 16:55:05

  • The Skull Crusher (Skull 2)

    The Skull Crusher (Skull 2)

    Balto stole me from Lucian without raising a finger. I thought I would finally be free, finally get my life back. But Balto has other plans for me. Now I'm his prisoner. He'll keep me and enjoy me as long as he wants. Until Lucian gives him back the Skull Diamond. I never want to return to Lucian again, not after being with a man like


    Time:2022/8/5 16:52:09

  • The Skull King (Skull 1)

    The Skull King (Skull 1)

    My husband is cruel, ruthless, and despicable. I hate him with every fiber of my being. The only reason I haven't killed him or tried to run away is because of the promise I made. I sold myself to save someone I loved...and this is the price I have to pay. I was sitting alone in a bar when the most handsome man walked inside. Striking blue


    Time:2022/8/5 16:51:03

  • Stone Cold (Camel Club 3)

    Stone Cold (Camel Club 3)

    Oliver Stone, the leader of the mysterious group that calls itself the Camel Club, is both feared and respected by those who've crossed his path. Keeping a vigilant watch over our leaders in Washington D.C., the club has won some allies, but it has also earned formidable enemies-including those in power who will do anything to prevent Stone a


    Time:2022/8/2 6:12:39

  • The Collectors (Camel Club 2)

    The Collectors (Camel Club 2)

    In Washington, D.C, where power is everything and too few have too much of it, four highly eccentric men with mysterious pasts call themselves the Camel Club. Their mission: find out what's really going on behind the closed doors of America's leaders. The assassination of the U.S. Speaker of the House has shaken the nation. And the outra


    Time:2022/8/2 6:07:25

  • The Camel Club (Camel Club 1)

    The Camel Club (Camel Club 1)

    Existing at the fringes of Washington D.C., the Club consists of four eccentric members. Led by a mysterious man know as "Oliver Stone," they study conspiracy theories, current events, and the machinations of government to attempt to discover the "truth" behind the country's actions. Their efforts bear little fruit --- un


    Time:2022/8/2 6:04:18

  • First (Betrothed 5)

    First (Betrothed 5)

    Hades retired from the business. Now it’s just me. Look at me now...bitter...angry...depressed. I resent my former friend so much, even hate the guy, but I’ve never been the same since he refused to forgive me. I meet a woman. She’s like all the others...beautiful, interesting, good at the fun stuff, but I don’t feel an


    Time:2022/8/2 5:55:18

  • Committed (Betrothed 4)

    Committed (Betrothed 4)

    The conclusion to the insanely popular Betrothed Series by critically acclaimed author Penelope Sky. Hades has done everything for the woman he loves. Now it’s time for Sofia to do the same for him. I never broke the curse...I just changed it. Now I’m forced into a partnership with Maddox, and since I can’t kill him, I have t


    Time:2022/8/2 5:53:09

  • End Game (Will Robie 5)

    End Game (Will Robie 5)

    Will Robie and Jessica Reel are two of the most lethal people alive. They're the ones the government calls in when the utmost secrecy is required to take out those who plot violence and mass destruction against the United States. And through every mission, one man has always had their backs: their handler, code-named Blue Man. But now, Blue


    Time:2022/8/2 5:28:51

  • Nate


    I rescued Sabrina from a mafia bloodbath when she was 13. As the new head of the Philly syndicate, I sent her to the best schools to keep her as far away from the life--and me--as possible. It worked perfectly. Until she turned 18. Until she came home. Until I realized that the timid girl was gone and in her place lived a smart mouth and a body t


    Time:2022/8/2 5:27:52